State of Sales Enablement 2021

How Sales Leaders Adapt, Change, and Overcome

After arguably the most jarring shift in workplace culture of most everyone's lifetime, many people find themselves in a dazed state in 2021. Yet, most business owners will tell you that their business never stopped. surveyed professionals who use Salesforce, focusing on the topics of sales enablement programs, quarterly business reviews, and related processes and practices, as well as goals for the future. Learn more about the state of sales enablement in 2021 and beyond, as we embrace a new world of remote work and virtual relationship building. Fill out this form for full access to our State of Sales Enablement Survey results!

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The survey covers topics such as:

  • What issues about sales enablement keep professionals up at night?

  • What are companies’ strengths and vulnerabilities regarding their sales enablement programs?

  • Are companies measuring ROI for their sales enablement programs?

  • Where are companies investing to improve sales, marketing, and customer success productivity?

  • Given the growing digital workspace, how are teams using their digital content?

  • What does Salesforce adoption look like for remote workers versus in office?