Grow Pipeline & Increase Sales with Account-Based Selling

An in-depth report by Selling Power and PROLIFIQ

Successful sales teams understand how to do two key things well: move lots of new sales opportunities through the sales funnel quickly and get them into the sales pipeline, and follow a sales process that engages customers effectively and yields high win rates. These things have never been easy, but they’re arguably more difficult now than ever. To understand why, look at one of the top trends in selling: B2B buyers now make purchases as a team. How can salespeople overcome these challenges? Many teams are switching up their revenue strategy with an account-based selling (ABS) approach. The value of ABS is that it relieves the burden on salespeople to find net-new customers as a primary way to increase revenue. Learn how it works, how to incorporate and implement within your own team, and how to grow your pipeline with account-based selling in this in-depth report from Selling Power and PROLIFIQ.

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